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Welcome to the Bass Smash Website!
For those who celebrate fishing and camping to the fullest

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This year's Bass Smash will commence right around June 1st through June 4th. The Smash is celebrating its 51st year of fishing debauchery!  

Here we go!!

Roughing it again this year...

The 2023 Bass Smash

That's right you crazy bastages, we are headed back to last year's National Forest site that boasts sweet fishing (unless Chuck Norris gets there first) and incredible views of serious wilderness. Oh yeah, did I mention all the comforts and amenities?

  There are none. Zero  

We are staying put this year at the same sites we defiled last year. If all goes as planned we will have that whole end of the forest to ourselves!

This should be a year to remember! (if anyone can...)

Hit the link below and send an email to "Drill" for directions and all the do's and don'ts of this year's Smash!

What the Hell is the Bass Smash?

A small group of friends from John Glenn HS in Westland MI. took a few days off to just get away from it all. They found their way North to a buddy's property near Hillman MI. They had the time of their lives partying, fishing for monster bass and falling in and out of various types of watercraft. They all decided that they would try to make it back up to the "Bass Smash" every year.

It is now 51 years later! The tradition continues on. I am proud to say this is my 32nd year of hanging with a great bunch of friends and enjoying a great deal of nonsense and a bonfire visible from space

How in the Hell do you get there?

You WILL get lost if you don't get the low down on the area's two-trackology.  This year is gonna be sweet so get off your rump and send some mail to Drill!  The exact location will not be listed on this website.


Merica voted - And the 2023 results are in!

2023 Rookie Of The Year!

After a very tight race with Red the camp dog, congrats go to FnA!


"Man Of The Year"   The White Tuxedo goes to you buddy.



Horseshoe/Cornhole Tournament Champs

Dinghy and Cowfoot!